Gerald the Giraffe Christening cake

You might not all know Gerald the Giraffe but he's one of Orlagh's favourite book characters, along with the chimps who love to cha cha cha! So they took pride of place on her christening cake for today's celebration.  Giles Andreae's wonderful book Giraffes can't Dance.

Gerald the Giraffe and monkey Christening cake

Gerald the Giraffe and monkey Christening cake

My first Timmy Time birthday cake

A new character for me this week, my first Timmy Time cake, complete with Timmy the Lamb - made for Olivia's first birthday, complete with co-ordinating dairy free cupcakes spelling out her name. Happy birthday Olivia, hope you have a fantastic birthday celebration with all your family and friends!

1st birthday cake

Timmy Time First birthday cake

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